Jacinda Shirley
Graphic Designer
INFP - Mediator
Enneagram 4 - Individualist
PI - Promoter
"Above all, I'm a creative - fueled by curiosity & the desire to learn."
I graduated from Purdue University in December of 2018, earning a B.A. in Visual Communications Design and a minor in Psychological Sciences. 
While in school I operated an online business selling custom glassware on Etsy. In the first year my one-woman show acquired thousands of orders, was featured twice on Buzzfeed and I had the opportunity to design a set of wine glasses for the costume crew of Hamilton on Broadway. As an entrepreneur, I gained valuable skills in branding and identity, social media marketing, small business operations, customer service, and much more. 
In the past 2 years, working as a Marketing Graphic Designer, I have designed and executed over 10 trade shows, created marketing processes and materials for tens of product lines, as well as led high level marketing strategy meetings. From brochures and product information sheets to branding new products, I have gained valuable experience in marketing and corporate design.
Thank you for contacting me! I'll get back to you soon.
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